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LEAHN’s Greg Denham & Navaraj Dhakal share UNODC harm reduction best practice training with Mauritius Police


LEAHN Co-ordinator, Greg Denham, and Country Focal Point for Nepal, Navaraj Dhakal, have delivered a comprehensive training program for police in Mauritius in January 2017.


The training followed the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime curriculum over five days.

Training manual for law enforcement officials on HIV service provision for people who inject drugs (2014)

The 8 modules have been designed to deliver relevant training for LE officials to ensure adequate coverage across the following HIV and AIDS related areas:

  1. An overview of HIV epidemiology and response
  2. Occupational health and safety for LE officials in the context of HIV
  3. An overview of the role of LE officials in public health and the importance of working with key populations
  4. Risk and vulnerability: policing key affected populations and protecting human rights
  5. An introduction into drugs, policing and harm reduction
  6. Part A: An overview of the WHO, UNODC, UNAIDS Comprehensive Package
    Part B: An overview of the role of LE officials in drug overdose
  7. Law enforcement and the use of discretion, drug diversion programmes and the role of an ethical framework
  8. Creating multi-sectoral partnerships to more effectively work with key populations to enhance the National HIV/AIDS Response


Check out the great photos below of Greg, Navaraj and the police participants.


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  • Greg January 30, 2017, 7:37 pm

    Fantastic! Well done to everyone involved.

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