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Greg Denham in Tanzania to facilitate training for law enforcement officials on HIV service provision for people who inject drugs


(Pictured L-R: Insp Abdullah Kirungu (LEAHN CFP Tanzania), Chief of Police in Tanzania, Greg Denham (LEAHN Co0ordinator) and UNODC Country Representative Ms Immaculate Miliyamkono)

LEAHN Co-ordinator and former police officer, Greg Denham recently delivered a training program for law enforcement in Tanzania.

On August 7 and 9, 2017, Greg conducted the 2 day training program for Law Enforcement Officials on HIV Service Provision for People Who Inject Drugs, followed by a a one-day workshop for police officers and CSO harm reduction service providers as a means for both groups to engage and collaborate to reduce the impact of HIV and other drug harms amongst key populations.

The three days aimed to:

  • Acknowledge the important role that LE officials play as collaborative leaders in public health;
  • Understand the international context and political framework that supports the role of LE officials as key partners in HIV prevention among Key Affected Populations;
  • Understand the impact of current law enforcement institutional indicators on law enforcement practice and HIV prevention efforts among Key Affected Populations;
  • Understand the critical components required to support an enhanced role of LE officials in engaging with diverse and vulnerable populations including reform of LE officials policy and practice, design and implementation of standard operating procedures and the need for institutionalised LE officials training;
  • Understand the essential ingredients in forming and sustaining multi-sectoral partnerships.
  • Develop Law Enforcement and Civil Society Cooperation and Alignment in matters of public health related to the use of illicit drugs;
  • Develop better understanding and recognize common purposes and to align roles and responsibilities to reduce drug related harms and HIV related risks to individuals and communities.

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