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Stay up to date with our Resources page which includes access to our e-News archive, key advocacy tools (check out the video of LEAHN Country Focal Points) and a list of high profile supporters for the LEAHN Statement of Support plus a bunch of other useful documents and links.

If you have any links, documents or information on law enforcement and harm reduction please send them to leahn@leahn.org and we will share them with our network.

Scroll down or use the links below to explore this resources page:


LEAHN eNews archive

Advocacy materials

Video still (1)

Key LEAHN presentations


Training materials, policies and guidelines

Dissertations on policing, HIV and harm reduction approaches


Fact sheets and reports

 Australasia, UK, Canada

 Central Asia

PowerPoint presentations (LEAHN’s Alex Zelitchenko)

 South East Asia

Programs working with police:

Occupational exposure


View presentations from LEAHN’s Professor Nick Crofts